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Improving Quality of Life. Sharing the Feelings of Others.

Our Mission & Values

At Active Hospice Care, Inc. we believe that quality patient care occurs through thoughtful, deliberate planning by clinicians using a well-defined body of knowledge and established standards of patient care.


Commitment to Patients

We are committed to improving the quality of life for the people we serve. In providing the highest quality hospice care to patients, we hold the following:

  • We treat patients with compassion, respect and kindness

  • We recognize the intrinsic worth of each individual

  • We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in conducting our business

  • We trust our colleagues, agents and associates to treat one another with loyalty and respect

  • Ethical and legal behavior will never be sacrificed in the pursuit of business objectives.

We believe that we are all dependent on one another, therefore, it is crucial, in the last few months of life, to help develop a caring community that can provide comprehensive services to patients and their families.

Non-Discrimination Policy


Active Hospice Care, Inc., does not exclude, deny benefits to, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the ground of race, color, or national origin, or on the basis of disability or age in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services and benefits of any of its programs and activities or employment therein, whether carried out by the agency through a contractor or any other entity with whom the agency arranges to carry out its programs or activities.

This statement is in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and implementing regulations.

In case of questions or concerns, please contact an administrator at Active Hospice Care, Inc. using the supplied contact information (1-866-496-CARE), or you may file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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